Personal Development Program

Inner Visions Personal Development Program

Basic Two-Year Program
Certificate of Completion For Spiritual Life Maintenance (COC)
Personal Development Program

This program is a pre-requisite for the Coaching and Ministerial Program.

This is a two-year course of study which covers the basic principles and practices required in developing a spiritually grounded life and lifestyle. This is the foundation of courses required for those students who intend to pursue a Spiritual Life Coaching Certification or Minister of Spiritual Consciousness Ordination.

The primary goals for this level of study are to provide information, tools and skills for building and raising spiritual consciousness. Students enrolled in this program attend all classes, including the Summer Intensives. Note: COC students are not required to complete Comprehensive Trimester Final Examinations and they are not required to demonstrate proficiency in coaching skills.

This program is recommended for those students seeking to enhance their personal lives by gaining a deeper insight into their past experiences as a guide for future endeavors and for those seeking to incorporate coaching tools into a current career.

Two Year Basic Program Classes

All enrolled students receive a Certificate of Completion upon satisfactory fulfillment of requirements for each of the following courses:

Practical Metaphysics
Healthy Mind/Healthy Body
Meditation Practices & Principles
Prayer Practices & Principles
Effective Communication
Life Mastery: Building A Purposeful Life Plan
Fundamentals of Spiritual Life Development
The Bridge: Fundamentals of Coaching Techniques & Ethics
Fundamentals of Relationships
Introduction to A Course in Miracles
Conscious Connected Breathing
Emotional Freedom Technique

We believe as you learn you grow, and as you grow you teach.

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